LS-DYNA Compact: User Materials

LS-DYNA offers the possibility to implement own material models into the code of the program. Therefore the user developed and compiled material routines will be linked with the corresponding LS-DYNA object-files. The webinar addresses as well to users from the industrial as to users from an academical research background that integrate their own material models in LS-DYNA and are interested in discussing their experience with the implementation in a wider circle of users.

The webinar will take place from 9-11 a.m. (CET).

Please note: The course will be held in Ansys Learning Hub. We will send the credentials shortly before the training.


    • Download and Overview of the LS-DYNA usermat package
    • Explanation of the Makefile, compilation and Fortran files
    • Usermat interface: structure, subroutines, keyword input
    • Discussion on various options and parameters
    • Live demos
      Date 23.10.2024 (2 h)
      Time 09:00 - 11:00
      Lecturers Tobias Erhart
      Location Online
      Languages English
      Standard (full) (200 € + VAT)
      Employee of University (full) (100 € + VAT)
      Student (20 € + VAT)
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