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DYNAmore Express

Online-Sessions zu aktuellen Themen; ein bis zwei Stunden; kostenlos

DYNAmore Express: LS-PrePost: News, Tips and Tricks

The Webinar presents some new features in LS-PrePost

LS-OPT: Status Update

This webinar summarizes the current status of LS-OPT® and provides an overview of new developments. It also places a focus on current integration activities with regard to optimization concerning LS-OPT within Ansys.

Topology optimization of an automotive hood for multiple load cases and disciplines

This webinar shows how to conduct the worst-case design of the hood for multiple head impact locations, which is required by the pedestrian safety code. In addition, a topology optimization problem of the hood that combines statics, impact, and eigen frequency load cases is solved by using LS-TaSC to provide the optimal lightweight hood structure satisfying the design constraints.

Magnets, Ferromagnets and Actuators simulated with LS-DYNA

In this webinar, magnets, ferromagnets and actuators simulated with LS-DYNA will be introduced, the challenges that can be encountered discussed and examples with keyword description will be provided.