More LS-DYNA analysis power - maximum flexibility. Bookable at any time!

Boost your analytical performance - with DynaXtend! This special offer allows you to customize your need for LS-DYNA computational runs to your requirements. You have the possibility to choose between one or more computational runs on 128 cores each and thus to increase the computational power strongly at short notice. The daily bookability and the validity of one month guarantee maximum flexibility. This makes DynaXtend perfect for projects that require more computing capacity at short notice and for a limited period of time.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Bookable daily
  • Valid for 1 month
  • No VPN
  • Simple web interface
  • Upload and start prepared LS-DYNA runs

Our offer

  • LS-DYNA license for one job on 128 cores: 5000,- Euro per month

For parallel computations additional job licenses with 128 cores each are available. Please let us know your requirements. We will gladly put together your personal DynaXtend package.

Our add-on

  • Use of LS-DYNA on external hardware (e.g. T-Systems PLM Cloud): 2,500.- Euro (optionally bookable)

Book DynaXtend now easily via our online form or by phone at +49 (0) 711 / 45 96 00 273.