API, Documentation and Manuals

The VisualDOC API is a set of function calls (in C++) that allow the user to embed all the included design drivers into their own software. These capabilities include gradient-based and non-gradient-based Optimization, Response Surface Approximate Optimization, Design Of Experiments, and Probabilistic Analysis. The API is available as part of VisualDOC and can be installed from the VisualDOC CD-ROM or the downloadable installer. The API is straightforward to use and provides direct access (direct method calls) to all the design algorithms included in VisualDOC. With the API, the user does not need to setup a database or a VisualDOC project.

The VisualDOC installation includes a complete set of manuals and examples. It also includes a large number of step-by-step self-guided tutorials that help the user familiarize themselves with the software. The list of manuals include:

  • Getting Started Examples Manual
  • Advanced Examples Manual
  • Theory Manual
  • Users Manual
  • Installation Guide
  • List of New/Changed Features
  • VisualDOC C++ API Manual