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Simulating Thermal-Mechanical Coupled Processes with LS-DYNA - New Coupling Schemes, Boundary Conditions, Contact Algorithms and Materials

Over the last years, the forecast quality in (cold) forming simulations reached a high level at least for standard materials. However, in order to  evaluate the complete production cycle of complex parts potentially with high-performance materials, the assembly has to be taken into account in the virtual process chain. Assembly steps, particularly welding steps, go along with significant deformations of the part and might result in drastic changes of the material properties.
Recent developments in LS-DYNA target to close the virtual process chain with respect to the thermal-mechanical coupled process steps. In this webinar most of these developments are discussed. New boundary conditions and contact algorithms for the thermal and the structure solver of LS-DYNA are introduced. They provide a flexible and comfortable framework to set up welding simulations. Furthermore, a new coupling approach for the transfer of temperature fields to a structure simulation is presented. Finally, tailored material models are discussed.


Start: 10:30 Uhr

Dauer: ca. 1 Std.
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Termine Dauer/Tage Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
2 h Thomas Klöppel Deutsch, Englisch Online frei


Thomas Klöppel

Thomas Klöppel


Composites, Schweißprozesse, Thermische Umformprozesse