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DYNAmore Express: LEGO® Crash Simulation in LS-DYNA: Data management for large-scale modells

Given that in our professional lives we are dealing on a daily basis with highly sophisticated crash models, it seems obvious that, when we saw a video of an actual physical crash of a LEGO® Porsche Technic Model on YouTube,
we instantly thought we should be able to simulate this with the LS-DYNA® FEM solver. Setting up a process, which involves every aspect of working with CAD data, meshing, dealing with solver files, submitting and monitoring the simulations, and finally handling the result files of simulations, is an important step when developing a Simulation Data Management (SDM) system such as LoCo and CAViT. Therefore we decided to use this LEGO® crash as a challenge and benchmark for our software.

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Dauer: 1 Stunde

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